Here is a seriously no nonsense discussion about the three energetic practices that elude most Pagans.

Gods and Mirrors

Lately I’ve been thinking about energy bodies, and how they can be so tremendously different from person to person. An energy body is, for lack of a better description, a person’s energetic physique. Some people might call it a person’s spirit, or their astral form. Some people’s energy bodies are always the same, while other people can take different forms for different reasons.

Even among members of a single path or tradition, energy bodies can be quite diverse, and yet techniques for managing energy are so rarely differentiated to accommodate this diversity. I’m still pondering why that might be, and I suspect the answer may not be specific to energy bodies. Physical bodies are equally diverse, and yet think about how many people will try to convince you that a specific diet or a certain activity is the key to physical health.

Leaving those questions aside, I’ve decided instead to…

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To Loki

Awe-struck and teary-eyed
I search for your truths beary-eyed
Flame-haired seducer, touch me not I burn!
Touch me soon I forever yearn
Confused much these days
Himself a solid or just a phase?
Darling Trickster I welcome you home
Help me to know you through dream and tome
Through passionate touch and sweetest taste
Please learn me patience and know when to make haste
My Lord of contradictions and purveyor of many predilections
I was scared of thee until you showed me how to be
Not giving a fuck about what other’s think
Let them to their nine parts plus ice sink
Wyrd and love Loki below, Flamehair above
Hail my teacher, welcome my friend a kiss for my lover a hug from my brother.