Having The Berries

My story regarding Tonglen. I ripped the definition directly from Wikipedia which I will include.

Now, many see Fenrir as a god or demon of destruction. Who am I to tell someone else they cannot have their own opinions? my reactions to them is a direct reflection of myself. Therefore, I respect others opinions.

In saying as much, remember those words before an arguement is given. I will verbally bite heads if respect is not given rather or not one disagrees.

Many folks occasionally go through an “Ordeal”. I have found this to be common among Rรถkkatru (I like the term, deal.) I used to think I didn’t have the berries to embark upon the “Ordeal Path” until I found myself smack dab in the middle of one.

2013. I began getting ridiculously sick. Nauseous with tons of headaches. Physically, by all rights and in accordance with my doctor, I was perfectly fine.

My digestive constitution took a plummet. My living situation at the time, while ideal was in an almost constant state of negative energy, I would meditate with Fenrir while trying not to whine (Remember, no whining for Iron Woods.), until he growled out at me to “eat it”. I was speechless, I gave him the “huh?” face. Then he told me “I devour, but it is not always for the evil that humans perceive, I devour and recycle, learn to do the same.” Fenrir was never one for long speeches or flowery tripe.

And so it was. I was thrown onto the Ordeal Path without even realizing it. I DID have the Berries after all. 


2016, Full Circle. Three Years Later

I’m still growing spiritually, but I can now filter negativity successfully. I can take others pain and morph it into something nourishing, I can throw this back into environment as negative ions. It has been a long journey, but Fenrir is there to guide me. 

HAIL FENRIR! and thank you for teaching me how to the have the berries. 


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