My Silent Companion

My Silent Companion
My heart
Muscled girth beneath me as you lazily pad upon the forest floor.
Spruce needles brush my face slightly from a storm fallen branch.
I watch as snow lightly touches upon your black fur. Melting into your body’s abyss.
“So beautiful” I say as I look out at the great expanse of woodland.
“It will be gone one day. All of this.” He growls out. I feel the rumble through his body. “I know. So I enjoy it now.” I answer. He nods silently. We walk. No words. We listen together as the elements speak to one another.
Hail Fenrir. My Beloved.
Guide and Protector.

He “takes” me “places” when He feels I am over-stressed. Much is going on. Now I am being urged to learn to master my longsword as well as the staff. Odin is on me about the runes and lovely Sigyn has snatched me up in a dual patronage with Hyndla. I am most busy. And most thankful. But in those little moments rather in deep sleep or the tween times of near sleep or just barely waking. Fenrir snatches me up and we ride. He understands
my need to “breathe” not much talking occurs. Just heartbeats. And silence.

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