Another Fenrir Dream

Me: “Why me?”
Fenrir: “Why not?”
Me: *I stare at him*
Fenrir: *Stares back chuffing at me. He begins his physical shifting.”Don’t pretend you don’t want to bite peoples heads off. If you were unbound, you would destroy..”
Me: *Nods in agreeance* “Do you pick those just with rage?”
Fenrir: *Snorts at me mockingly* “None of your business. I picked you. Now you honor me. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter who’s better. It matters who’s willing.”
Me: “To Kill?”
Fenrir: “To live”
Me: “Because living is hard?”
Fenrir: “Partially. Stop trying to fish.”
Me: *nuzzles him. I can feel and smell the blood.”Always so much waiting. I feel like I was born to wait.”
Fenrir: “Maybe you were.” *He pins me down biting me playfully. It hurts but nothing is ever soft with Fenrir.*

I wake up. Parts of my body/skin hurts where he bit. I smile.

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