Greetings, I am Maki Amberbear Lokisdottir. Maki is Egyptian for Hematite…the stone always finds me. Amber, because I adore the scent and love the resinous jewelry. Bear is my main totem and Clan of Ironwood I belong too, along with my owl. My Egyptian name is Djedereshotep: “A pillar standing steady in peaceful destruction” This name was given to me by my friends who call me their anchor. I answer to Dj, Maki, Carol, and Hey You!

Welcome to my blog. Upon reading the material herein you have embarked upon the sea of My Opinion and you are careening at max knots into the whirlpool of My UPG. These arenas are mine. Please feel free to agree, disagree, discuss, etc…everything except for troll. I will gladly make you walk the verbal plank. My big girl panties are firmly secured and my tampon fuse is short in regards to the mental vomit of stupidity.
I am a sensitive soul with a gut and nerves of titanium. I love everything from bloodplay to floral meadows. Classical music to Five Finger Death Punch, Thunderstorms to a quiet sunny day.
I role-play(non-sexual), I write slash. I believe love is gender blind.
I love questions and responds quickly and concisely. Sometimes my spelling sucks. Get over it.
Enjoy the uncharted seas laid before you…next stop…Neflheim…


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