Lessor Hallowing Ritual of the Hammer (LHRH)


Volmarr's Modernist Heathenism

This is a spiritual exercise to be done every day or even if wanted more then once a day. The purpose of this ritual is many-fold. It helps to clear the energies of an area and drive away away negative energies which may be present. It also sets up a powerful field of protection on the doer that lasts for awhile. It banishes any negative energies that may be at work on the doer. As well it invokes spiritual energy from the World-Tree Yggdrasil, as well as spiritual energy from the runes if that optional runic part is done, into the one doing the ritual. All told this is a very useful ritual to do on a everyday basis. No other opening or closing ritual is needed for this.

Optionally you can use a wand for this ritual or if not can just use your fingers, using the first two…

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