Sign Posts Up Ahead…You Have Just Entered The Rökkr Zone

Write, write, write. ….yes Dear

Fenrir asks me to keep writing. So I do. I find out little things, such as; Fenrir gets pissy at bad grammar. Just a little. 
“Words can bite. The grammer is the pitch of the bark before the bite” 
I don’t get irritated. He seems fidgety. He is pacing. Changing His form constantly. This will not be a quiet day. I reach out momentarily. He growls. I do not get upset. It is His nature. I wait calmly. 
“It raises my ire when they(Midgardians) view Me as wonton destruction. “
His pacing continues. I watch and wait. I feel Sigyn stand next to me. This is only the second time I have fully felt the Lady of Staying Power. She places her hands on my shoulders and I am shown all the times I have collected keys…I love the damn things. Especially the old fashion types. 
I watch my Love change then stay four-legged. He runs into the woods that appeared like a mirage up ahead. I stay behind. I know He will be back. This happens sometimes. 
Sigyn stays. I am shown the keys once again. Oddly. I have collected nine keys.  I am shown the nine keys and a ritual. To charge them to each of the nine realms. I am shown symbols and sets of runes for each key. So much information at once I feel like my head will explode. Sigyn slows it down for me. She slowly seems to disappear into the astral. 
I return. Driving around my post. Only I wasn’t in the same spot as I was before.  

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