Loki’s Oil Recipie

Hail Dad!!! And what he wants.  Himself has requested that I post this for everyone. it is heavy handed and you can modify the amounts. 

Grapeseed Base
70 drops Spruce
60 drops Pine
50 drops Birch
15 drops Wintergreen
30 drops Patchouli
7 drops Cinnamon
50 drops Dragon’s Blood
40 drops Amber
10 drops Musk
20 drops Sage
15 drops Oakmoss
25 drops Ginger
Piece of Crystallized Ginger. 
(The conjuration goes in order of the herbs)
Hail Loki, He who walks through the trees with ease and confidence, an adventure around the white bark with frost upon your tongue. Feet planted within the deep earth, loveheat in your groin, the fire breath pierces the cold air. Resin for tea as you command and wrought forth all that which you need. Burning away the old and unearthing the newly turned moss. Teaching the sour and sweet, the hot and cold of life. Crystallizing the balances until unleashing the chaos once more HAIL LOKI!!!”
(I asked Dad what he wanted. This is what I got lol)

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