Experiences with Land-Wights

I have always worked with the Land-Wights at my work. I am a security guard. I have moved from post to post. I have had some “sour” and downright malevolent land-wights. Imagine “GO!!” Being shouted in your head for 8 months. I tried diplomatically to placate them. No dice. The tenants at this particular site were rude and nasty, things went south fast. I did get out of there and placed in another post. 

The new post was freakin’ HUGE!  I brought my offerings.  I introduced myself. I took a peaceful perimeter patrol.  Boy! Were “They” curious. Helpful too. I had the feeling that at this post (we will call it Post B) that no one cared for them before. Whats more is the buildings talked to me!  I would get impressions of what building to check first in lieu of unlocked doors…I would get the “gut churning” feeling if when someone came onto property that wasn’t supposed to be there. 
Now I am at post C. I have been here for 4 years and 5 months. The land-wights here enjoy fruit, incense, stories, singing, litter control and LOVE to scare the piss out of trespassers. Actually we both do 🙂  

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