Dear new Lokeans, and those thinking about following Loki

I highly suggest that those who are new to Loki and the Rökkr in general read this please. I also urge everyone knew to anything. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Fire and Ink

It has recently come to my attention that a few Lokeans are spreading complete and utter BS about what you have to do to become a Real Lokean™.
There was a post about this last year (I think) in the lokeans group on Livejournal.. I thought it was a freak occurrence, but apparently it’s still going on.

The bullshit list:

  • You have to Oath to Loki for life, ASAP
  • You have to marry Loki and become a god-spouse, ASAP
  • Lokean god-spouses are special/better/more worthy than any other kind of devotee
  • If Loki really loved you, He would marry you
  • Lokeans are specifically targeted for spirit attacks

You do not voluntarily Oath to a god before you have spent some years getting to know the god, and the religion in general.
Oathing is serious business, and the gods do not look kindly upon oath-breakers.

You do not have to…

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