What It Is Like To Be Fenrir’s Mate

Me: *Reading about Fenrir and Ragnarok*

Fenrir: *Holding me from behind with human arms*
“Ragnarok…doesn’t scare you?”
Me: “no”
Fenrir: *nuzzles into my neck* (He does that…a lot)
Me: “It is needed”
Fenrir: (I can feel his smile against my flesh)
“Yes, are you afraid?”
Me: “No”
Fenrir: “I will devour you as well”
Me: “I know” * I reach up to run my fingers through his unruly head jet black hair. A little bit of blood appears on my hand. There is always blood. No matter his form.*
To be a mate to Fenrir is to feel bound. Bound by rules, regulations, even my own body. There is a finite feeling deep down. But it is not sadness. It is a waiting, an anticipation neither good nor bad. It just “IS”. Godspousing to Fenrir is not something terrible. It is a feeling of chaotic freedom and primal truth. My Love is playful, loving, temperamental. Always the Alpha. Years ago about 10. I met Tyr. I never worshipped him but I did honor his honesty. I never understood why. Until I read of Fenrir. Then it would be so many more years later before Fenrir claimed me. No fancy wedding. No pomp and circumstance. Just a simple “Your MINE” in a dream. His love is so very vast. Almost scary. Recently I was introduced to Hati and Skoll. I was told to act as step-mother since I cannot have my own children. Now they join me. They are very curious, always nosing into my business. I smile.   
Ragnarok will come. Until then I will play and hunt with my family. I will tell Father Loki dirty jokes, I will dance with Mother Angrboda around the firelight, I will help Sister Hela ferry the dead to Niflheim, I will hold the bowl for Sigyn, I will weep for Narvi and Vali, I will seek out Jormandgund,  I will honor the fires that is Glut and her two daughters. Upon the end of my days I will stand as He is unbound, unfettered facing Him and be devoured to be reborn. 

12 thoughts on “What It Is Like To Be Fenrir’s Mate

  1. Reblogged this on requiemsandmadrigals and commented:
    This sounds wonderful

    However I am getting a bit worried Jormungand may be destined for permanent bachelorhood

    I hope he finds some one he likes enough, trying to explain to him the advantages of having a mate never gets an enthusiastic response

    • I do see your point Modifiedlizard. Part of the issue is that He? She?(Jormangund) seems to hold such an alienistic (is that a word?) quality. When I personally meditated upon The World-Serpent I got the word “Protection” and that was all. I will state as my opinion only. Jormangund may not “need” any”one” when Itself has all of us encircled in It’s mighty girth.

  2. Reblogged this on Loki's Bruid and commented:
    This is a beautiful entry on Fenrir and His love. I don’t talk a lot about Ragnarok, but my gnosis of Loki’s role in it is that it is a solemn, sacred duty that must be performed to maintain the order and balance of the cosmos. It is not mustache-twirling evil for its own sake. The knowledge that Loki must do this task drives Him mad with grief, and yet it must be done out of love.

    For that, I can do nothing but love Him more.

  3. Alexis Solvey Viorsdottir says:

    Hat dies auf Geschichten einer urbanen Priesterin rebloggt und kommentierte:
    At the moment I am standing very close to Fenrir for a couple of reasons. So I’m reblogging this. Hope you don’t mind.

  4. Reblog away Alexis :). People or at least those who would love Him are possibly frustrated that there wasn’t enough about Fenrir other than the lore and a few smatterings of ritual. I know I was frustrated. So He told me to do something about it.

  5. Your post broke my heart. It radiates with Truth. Funny timing too, because I made a very disturbing dream about Ragnarok a week ago.

  6. Valiel, my phone is giving me issues regarding your link 😦

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